Commission Info, cuz why Not?

2015-03-06 22:56:48 by Cicada-Media


COMMISSION INFO is as follows:
Base Price: +$95

Additional Characters: +$45(per)

Complicated details may alter price.

NO SCAT NOR GURO (please avoid softcore fets i.e. flatulence,gts,etc)

email your ideas at: cicada_media(at)yahoo(dot)com

I made a Tumblr!!!

2014-10-12 16:43:01 by Cicada-Media

I gave in to peer pressure and finally made one!
seems a tad overwhelming to be honest, but I am sure I'll get teh hangz of it!
I'll put it to some real good use don't you fret none!
I will post all my NSFW and what have you their, but in good time I'll also make exclusive content for it!
Perhaps some original comics I've been itching to get to making  [:D]

it's also a blog thing so perhaps Ill post up announcements of what I got simmering on the back burner VIA blog!

In case you missed it:

if you think I'm good...

2014-09-14 16:09:45 by Cicada-Media

You should head over to my scouts page and give a gander!


not a lot of work up yet, but I swear it won't dissapoint when a submission is made on his part!

some of you may be familiar with his work, I myself am a huge fan of what he produces so do a solid and give a gander! :D

or do a bigger solid and visit his site